Draving from the flowers of Calypso.Calypso bulbosa, neidonkenkä

Calypso is an very exotic sceen in a northern woods, expecially so when it grows under the last snows of the spring. It is extremely beautyful plant. It has a single flower on a 15 cm (6") -long stalk. The flower is few centimeters (about 1") broad and there Occuring in Finland.are two spurs in the bottom of the lip. There is no nectar in the flowers. The column is large, it almost looks like one of the petals. Sepals and petals form a nice crown abowe this all. Plants have one dark, round leaf lying on the ground. It withers in summer and grows back in autumn. Calypsos often grow in groups. 

Calypso bulbosa var. americana. Finnish plants (C. b. var. bulbosa) are paler in color and little different. Photographed in Newfoundland.In Finland Calypso is a rare orchid growing in northern Finland, in areas near to Kuusamo and Kemi. In south, it can be found as far as Mikkeli and Savonlinna. In old times it growed in Hämeenlinna, which was the southernmost place in Finland with Calypso, but species has died from there. It reguires old and mossy, limey Picea-wood to grow well. It does not stand coast. 

This plant flowers from May (eastern Finland and Kemi area) to June, even as far as July (Kuusamo). 

Calypso is protected in Finland. 

I will go to see Calypsos next summer (2002), but until then: 

Does anyone have a photo of C. b. var. bulbosa? 

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