Plant from roadside in Íland. Listera ovata can be seen behind the Cephalanthera.Cephalanthera longifolia, miekkavalkku

This is perhaps the most handsome plant in its genus. It only grows in Ahvenanmaa and in one island of Turku´s coast. I have also heard a very unsure rumour of C. longifolia growing in continent. Despite its rarity, this species has become more common in the hundred years it has known to be growing in Finland (first mentioned in 1901). Anyway it wound be found in accidense, it is still a rarity. It is clearly more common in other places in Europe, and the only place I have seen this species in, Öland, is truly "fylled" with theseOccuring in Finland. beauties. 

The species is protected by law in Ahvenanmaa. 

Flowering takes place in June. 

This species, just like C. rubra, has long, narrow leaves. Flowering stem is sbout halv meters (1,5 feets) tall. Flowers are pure white, and they don´t open widely. This is perhaps the most handsome of all Finnish orchids. But as it has no nectar, there are only few insects pollinating the flowers - in Finland only very few flowers get pollinated. I was resently listening for a speak about this spcecies, and the speaker mentioned, as a joke, of course, that  this could possibly be the only finnish plant which is pollinated by mammals. When deers eat the upper flowers of the plants, they sometimes pollinate the flower (usually they leave one flower) remaining on the stem. 

This photo was taken in the same place as the last.

There is lots of Cephalantheras in the northern side of Íland. 
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