Cypripedium calceolus in Hyvinkää city.Cypripedium calceolus, tikankontti

In Finland Cypripedium calceolus has mainly spread to Kuusamo, Oulu and Kemi area, where it is not even too rare. There are other findings from other places of Finland, too, like from Tampere, Hyvinkää and Ahvenanmaa. It grows in woods and on woody marshes. It reguirse lime. Cypripedium is protected in whole Finland, including Ahvenanmaa. Occuring in Finland. 

This is the largest-flowered member of Finnish flora right after Nymphaea-spp. The flower is abou 10 cm accross. The lip, which is shaped like a bucket, is yellow, other pwtals and sepals are brownish red. It grows in clumps. Cypripedium flowers in June. Sometimes flowers don´t open before Mid-Summer, but sometimes they wither well before that time. There is usually one flower per stem, sometimes two and very rarely even three. 

This species does not vary a lot, but some variations are known from Finland, too, such as plants with green flowers. 

A larger specimen - this is not any exceptionally big plant!The pollination of this species is well-known. Bee lands to the flowers, when it drops into the hole of the lip. It can only escape from the from a small hole at the back of the lip. When the bee is growling to freedom, it pollinates the flower! 

In nature, complicate way is seldom the best way, and Cypripediums flowers does not usually pollinate very well. Fortunately there is huge amounts of seeds in a single bod. Previously it was thought that it takes 17 years until Cypripedium can flower, but now 5 or 8 years is thought to be closer to trueth. 
 Opening C. calceolus in Hyvinkää.

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