Dactylorhiza (majalis ssp.) baltica, leveälehtikämmekkä 

Dactylorhiza baltica is a sturdy plant with great flowering. It is eady to tell apart from other Finnish orchids, as it is clearly the most handsome of our Dactylorhizas. It is related to D. incarnata. The plant has leaves which are brown from the upper rurface. The inflorescense is big and it has lot of flowers. 

In most of the Europe there grows similar species D. majalis, which is sometimes thought thought to be the species of our plant, too. Other species resembling D. baltica is D. praetermissa var. junialis

This is the rarest of our orchids, it has grown in one place only, and there also only grows one specimen with two stems. It has grown there for 15 years already, but I have no idea how the plant is welling now. It grows in island called Hiittiinen (Hittis) in south-wesst Finland. It has guite propably arriwed as seed gro Estonia, where the species is muvh more common. In Finland it grows in typical island-area in Finland with Alliums and other very typical flora. The place gets sveat water from a well nearby. 

In other Europe it might be possible to find this plant flowerin in May, but June is perhaps better time to see it in Finland. 

Does anyone have a photo of this species? Occuring in Finland. 

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