Dactylorhizas breed guite freely together. Several hybrids are known from Finland, but I can only say for sure that D. maculata and D. traunsteineri have crossed together in here, and D. maculata has also hybridized with Dactylorhiza viridis, plant which is here places to its own genus Coeloglossum. I have possibly seen a hybrid of D. fuchsii (or D. maculata) and D. incarnata in Ahvenanmaa. In one place in Ahvenanmaa there was also plants which were guite propably D. maculata x D. fuchsii

Hybrids of D. fuchsii and D. incarnata often have brown rings on the leaves instead of spots. Some other weird things also occur (only) in hybrids. Besides that the plants are usually more handsome than either of the parents, the offsprings something between theyre parents. 

But I don´t know the hybridization of Dactylorhizas very well, so we are waiting to receive some text from this matter from you, the readers. 

Thanks in advange! 

Does anyone have any photos of hybrids which have parents in Finland? 

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