Red plant in garden-culture.Dactylorhiza sambucina, seljakämmekkä 

Occuring in Finland.In the genus Dactylrohiza, D. sambucina is the only species in Finland which is impossible to mix to any other plants. It has several fresh gren leaves at the base of the plant. Between them there arises very early in the dpring a yellow or red inflorescense. The plant is small, only about 10-20 cm (4-8") heigh, but it is one of the most beautyful of Finnish orchids. The flowers are either dark red or light yellow, and the lip does not have any significant markings. Red form is more common in Finland, althought yellow is also easy to find. There is no nectar in the flowers.. They attract young bumble.bee queens to wisit to the flowers, but pollination does not usually work very well. The plant flowers from April to early June. 

This species, also known as Aatami ja Eeva (Adan and Eve) is common or even very common in Ahvenanmaa. There it grows in meadows, groves and in any other suitable places. In the rest of the Finland it is very rare, and outside Turku coast it has only been seen in Lappeenranta, where it bought by Man. It reguires lime. 

Withering specimen in Ölands Stora Alvaret in Sweden in early June.The species is protected in Finland and in AHvenanmaa it is not allowed to lift plant up with theyre roots. 

Does someone have a better photo of the yellow Dactylorhiza sambucina? 
 I don´t have better photo than this of yellow D. sambucina. Photographed in Nåtö in Ahvenanmaa. 

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