Close-up from plant in Espoo city.Epipactis helleborine, lehtoneidonvaippa

This does not belong to the most common orchids, but it is not actually rare neither. In lime areas it is guite common, but elsewhere it is not easy to find this orchid. Occuring in Finland. 

The plant is protected in Finlad exept Ahvenanmaa. 

If there is enough lime in the ground, this species does not have any other reguirements - it can be found almost from anywhere. I have myself seen it in the best croves (photo abowe) and in other hand in very dry places, such as sunny cliffs (the photo at the lowest) and from dry Pinus-woods (those white helleborines). The fourth photo showing young plant is taken in area where Pines have just been harvested few years ago. 

Literature mentions manyplaces where this orchid can be found. It should be searched from areas near to lime-mines, as they almost always have these plants. One place which is easy to reach in the capital-area is Kalkkiranta in Sipoo (Sibbo). But if you will wisit that place (there are many better orchid-areas in Finland!), leave the plants alone or you will commit a criminal act. 
White form of E. helleborine. This form grows only in Lappeenranta city. 
The species is one of the most common of all European orchids. We have seen lot of these plants in Öland, where it really seemed to grow everywhere. The plant flowers late, from July to October, althought most flowers wither in September. 

As one of our photos shows, Epipactis can also grow in clumbs. In more shaded places they usually grow as indivitual plants. 
Young shoots. Lappeenranta city. 
Plant starting to flower in Sipoo. 

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