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There are about ten species in genus Gymandenia now when the famous Vanilla-Orchids (not real vanilla, althought it is an orchid, too, they belong to genus Vanilla!!!), Nigritellas, has been transferred to Gymnadenia. The former Nigritellas mostly grow in Alps. Other species, G. densiflora, G. conopsea and G. odoratissima grow in almost whole Europe. These plants enjoy of many acts of Man, and in Middle-Europe they can be found near to old mines and in other places strongly formed by Man. The plants in southern Finland are actually even depending on human. 

Only one species is not found in Europe, Gymnadenia orchidis is a handsome Asian plant. 

In Finland there grows one or two species. The usual Gymnadenia conopsea varies in some degree, in Finland there grows some five different variations, one of which is called a species elsewhere in Europe. 

Al species needs lime. 

1:  conopsea - kirkiruoho 

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