Closer look to plant in Nurmijärvi.Hammarbya paludosa, suovalkku

Hammarbya is an tiny orchid. It is nearly rootless and fungi on the pseudobulb is only way this species can have water with. This species grows heigh along with Sphagnum, where it grows on, and it usually has severa pseudobulbs under ground, new forming abowe last one. It has 2-3 tiny leaves, which are often under SpOccuring in Finland.hagnum. The inflorescense can grow up to 12 cm (5") heigh, but in some cases 4-7 cm is more usual. The number of flowers is from few to about 20. They are only thing which helps to find this orchid, as they are slightly yellowish (the plant is green in overall appearence). The small flowers have beautyful shape, and the lip point upwards. 

Althought this plant is internationally rare, you may well meet it in usual, open Finish marhs, poor of nutrience. But it is hard-to-find because of its small size. It grows in whole Finland exept the extreme north Lapland. It isn´t a common plant. 

This species can spread not only from seeds, but also with tiny "bulbils" at the edge of its leaves. When they have proper mychorriza, they will start to grow. 

Hammarbya flowers in July. 

It is protected in Finland, but not in Ahvenanmaa. 
Hammarbya in Nurmijärvi. 

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