In this list we only have lists which are often wisited by the ones who have made these pages - we are open to all proposes! 

Links from Finland: 
Lohjan kaupungin ympäristösivut - orchids in the Lohja area in southern Finland One of the best Finnish orchid-pages, lot of photos, with Finnish text.
Ulla Nummela-Salos orchid-homepages Ulla knows well the orchids in Kemi area. These pages are in English!
Finnish orchid society This society has occasionally wiritings about Finnish orchids in "Orkidealehti", which it publishes.
Orchids for garden Matti Niissalos own pages of terrestrial orchids. Just to show, that orchids can also be grown in garden - of course not  when taken from wild!
Links from elsewhere in Europe: 
Estonian orchids Estonian orchid protection club also publishes paper with name Ööviul (Platanthera bifolia). Wonderful site, lot of photos and very important information!
Hardy Orchid Society This society takes together people who hobby orchids from cold climates.
Orchids in other cold areas of the world: 
Photos of Japanese orchids These photos show that how different the Japanese orchids are from theyre European relatives. And some species we share are little different at the eastern end of theyre occuring.

 These pages have been made and updated by Matti Niissalo, sophronitis@yahoo.com