Draving from a single flower.Liparis loeselii, kiiltovalkku

Liparis is a unnoteable plant. It has two leaves just like in the case of Convallaria (but Liparis has leaves straight on groud). This is one of the smallest Finnish orchids. It is about 10 cm (4") heigh, the flowers are smallish, and the whole is yellowish green. The lip does not point up or down, but to both sides. Occuring in Finland. 

This is extremely rare orchid in Finland, perhaps the one which will disappear first from our flora.  It grows in a single unprotected swamp in Eckerö, Ahvenanmaa. Fortunately it is OK in there, but as the place is not under protection, it is very possible that someone will pick these pants to hes or her herbarium. Luckuly the place is hard-to-get into. I beliewe that this is the only orchid which needs as radical protectin-methods as artificial adding, if we want it to live here after few more years. Liparis has grown in many swamps in Ahvenanmaa, but in all those places it has died when the bogs have been dried. This mistake should be corrected by starting sowing the seeds of the last plants in Eckerö andd germinating that seed into plants. It should also be re-planted to its only place where it has grown in Finnish continent, in Lappeenranta. This place has remained perfect after it was dried, and for example the Epipactis palustrises look very in there. This artificial adding is only hope of Liparis if it will die from Eckerö, too. 

It wouldn´t be impossible to find Liparis from some limey, wet bog in southern Finland. One man has told me that he has propably seen Liparis in Hanko City, in a shore known for its swans. But he can´t say that for sure, as the plants were in bud when he saw them at the first time. When he returned to this place, he could not find these tiny plants anymore. 

Flower from front.Plant flowers in June. 

Liparis is protected in Ahvenanmaa. 

Does anyone have a photo of this species? 

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