(last page)Orchids we miss from Finland, but which grow elsewhere in northern Europe

Anonymous photos are taken by Matti Niissalo. 
Neotinea ustulata, previously known as Orchis ustulata, is one of the most beautyful orchids in northern Europe. It grows commonly in Estonia and Öland and Gotland. This plant has been photographed from Öland. The plant is suprisingly small, only 5-10 cm (2-4") long, and its impossible to forget meeting this plant.
Anacamptis pyramidalis is known as Pyramidal Orchid. It belongs to the most beautyful orchids here in north. It is rare in Estonia and Sweden. In Estonia you should look for it from the eastern parts of Saaremaa.
Anacamptis morio, still better known as Orchis morio, is possibly the orchid that comes more close to Finland than any other of these plants. It grows in northern Estonia, althought it is rare there.  It is not impossible that it would be found from Finland, too. This used to be the most common of European orchids, but it has not tolerated the changes in the agricultural methods, such as poisons and aftificial nutrienses.
Dactylorhiza praetermissa is a southern orchid, which is anyway found in Denmark, in last few year also from Estonia and Norway. Plant looks a bit like Dactylorhiza incarnata, but it does not have stripes in the lip, only spots.
Orchis purpurea grows only in Denmark in northern Europe, and it is included here "only" because of its outstanding beauty. It is even more handsome than O. militaris. It grows in Fagus-woods of Denmark.

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