This Ophrys has been photographed in Íland, Sweden.Ophrys insectifera, kimalaisorho

This is one of the most exiting flowers in Finland. It has flowers which highly resamble small bee or flie. With the look and doft of the flowers, it appeals to males of some small wasps. The wasps think that the flower is female of that animal (the females usually hatch few days later than males, so there are no femlaes around at the time when Ophrys flowers). The flowers is nearly black and it ha beautyful blue "mirror", speculum. It grows usually in autumn and flowers in spring, but it would not be so exceptional to find plants growing in spring, it is possible that some Finnish plants do this. Occuring in Finland. 

In Finland Ophrys is a rare plant. It has been extremely rare in ahvenanmaa. It wasn´t that rare earlier, but when grazing was stopped there, orchids have possibly suffered from that. They grow in marshes, woods and meadows. Fortunately some Ophryses were found from Parainen in 1980´s. Some new findings have also been made in Ahvenanmaa, and there are hundreds of Ophryses in the best place in Hammarland. The species clearly needs lime in Finland. The species is not anymore extremely threatened. 

Flowers in June, from start to end of the month. 

Ophrys insectifera is protected by law in whole Finland, inluding Ahvenanmaa. 
This species is guite hard to see, althought the black flowers pay some attention. Sweden (Íland, Halltorps Hage)

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