Platanthera from Lappeenranta city.Platanthera bifolia, valkolehdokki

For Finnish, P. bifolia is The only real Platanthera. It is one of the most common of our orchids, althought it has become more rare in past decates. Platanthera´s white flower bring light and odor to the light night in the mid-summer woods. It (also called as Lesser Butterfly-orchid) is much more beautyful than P. chlorantha (Common Butterfly-orchid). The name cannot come from the bauty of these plants, but P. chlorantha is little larger than P. bifoliaOccuring in Finland. 

The flowering takes place before Mid-Summer, and flowering plants can be found as far summer as in August. At its best P. bifolia can grow to 70 cm (28") heigh, althought 30-40 cm (12-18") is more common height. 

As said, P. bifolia is common in Finland. It can be found from light, lime woods and meadows as well as from places made by Man. 

The flowers are pollinated by moths, which are fascinated by by the odor and nectar. The nectar is in a long spur, so not any animal can get it from there. 

The species is protected in Finland excluding Ahvenanmaa. 

 Plants from Espoo city. 
Close-up. Lappeenranta city. 

Platanthera in winter. Nurmijärvi.

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