P. bifolia is upper, P. chlorantha is the one below. The position of pollinia is different.Platanthera chlorantha, keltalehdokki

The picture at left shows the differense of the flowers of Finnish Platantheras

P. chlorantha can also be told apart from P. bifolia by its yellowish colour (expecially flowers), later flowering (this species flowers about two weeks later than P. bifolia), greater size and lesser odor. But flower-structure is the best way to tell them apart, it just needs some practising with photos. Occuring in Finland. 

P. chlorantha is common only in Ahvenanmaa. In continent, it can only be found in very few localities in extreme south, as in Hanko. It usually gros in groves, not in dry woods and meadows as P. bifolia does, it reguire more shade and water. This is not any rule, and both species can be found from almost anywhere. 

The species is protected by law in Finland excluding Ahvenanmaa. 

Does anyone have a photo of this species? 

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