Pseudorchis (albida ssp.) straminea, valkokämmekkä

This Pseudorchis is divided into two subspecies, sometimes given a species status. Ssp. straminea, which is found from Finland is small, dirt white montane plant. But ssp. albida, which for example guite common in Sweden grows in lowlands. It has pure white flowers and the inflorescense is more handsome. than in ssp. straminea. Sen kukat ovat puhtaamman valkeat ja komeammassa kukinnossa.The species is extremely rare in Finland and for sure it can be said to be growing in few locations only. The stature of other locations in extreme norths is unknown. There are rumours that this species would grow in Kuusamo and Keminmaa.Occuring in Finland. The plant needs open, lime fjel to grow in. 

The species is protected in Finland 

Does anyone have a photo of this plant? 

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