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Welcome to see the wild orchids of Finland!

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Orchid-species in Finland 

From this page you will find information about all orchids seen in Finland and also lot of photos. Also photos and text about places where orchids grow in (we will write more about these places later).

Protecting orchids 

Just a few thoughts of that how it would be possible to protect orchids in Finland.

"Protection group" 

Could we Finnish too start a society for our native orchids?

Contact us 

In here you can easily send messages to us who have made these pages


Some important links to Internet-sites. We will add more links later, and we would like some proposes.


We still miss photos of some species, if someone could share them...

From these pages you will find information of all of the orchids ever grown in Finland, as well as activities of our "unofficial orchid-hunter and -protector -group". We hope you will enjoy your stay with us!  

We will add more photos, so don´t forget to come to see us again!  

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28. 1. 2002 
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 19. 1. 2002 
The problems some people may have had are probably only due to some temporary mistake (which have sometimes prevented me for seeing some pictures well). Try pressing Reload -button on your browser to fix this. Any other problems have not been found from the pages. 


 These pages have been made and updated by Matti Niissalo,