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Ophryses have spread wide in Europe (few species can also be found from Africa or near East), but most of the species grow  Mediterranian area. There grows wide range of Ophryses and this is one of the largest European genuses with about 50 species. 

Ophryses have tubers just like in many other wild orchids. 

They are known for theyre weird pollination. The flowers resamble females of certain bees and even smell like ones. The males try to copulate with the flowers and pollinate it. Orchids are only European plants that pollinate in this way. Some species of genus Serapias also perhaps resambles bees, althought they don´t show such a clear alikeness as Ophrys does. The second northernmost species - right after our O. insectifera - O. apifera has become self-polluting as it misses it own polluter-bee. 

Ophryses uaually have only few flowers open at time, so they are not very showy plants. 

1: insectifera - kimalaisorho 

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