(last page)Platanthera, lehdokit

Platanthera is mainly American and Asian genus, but several species also occur in Europe, only two of which are common. All of the European species have undivided lip, and the flowers are cloured from green to white. Few American species are really handsome plants with red flowers pollinated by Humble-Birds. European species are pollinated by butterflyes. 

Platantheras have guite elongate, undivided tuber. They start growing in spring, but the leaf-bud is large already in autumn, it can be few millimeters above ground level. Sometimes even the new tuber grows already in autumn, which is very exceptional. The stems grow fast in spring and the flowers open in Middle Summer, P. bifolia opens earlier than P. chlorantha. Flowering plants may be found as far to autumn as in August. 

1: bifolia - valkolehdokki 
2: chlorantha - keltalehdokki 
3: Platanthera -hybrid 

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